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GFT Servers Hacked?

If you have an account with GFT Forex and you receive an email with regards to a withdrawal, please BEWARE, particularly if you haven't made a withdrawal.

The email looks like this:

Subject: RE: Forex Update Account NEW!

Hello user GFT Forex, your name.

Your request 02/09/2011 for withdrawal of funds ready.
Id: W*********W
See the documentation in the [PDF] file.

Best regards,


The email will contain a PDF attachment (InfoAccount.pdf) that most likely contains malicious code.

Since these spammers obviously know the names of GFT customers, there has clearly either been a breach of security or a breach of privacy at GFT. Who knows what other information is out there.

We are currently taking the matter up with GFT to find out what may have happened, though so far not much is known (or being revealed).

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