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Get the latest fundamental and technical analysis from our trade desk. Since we are longer term traders, feel free to bookmark this page and re-visit to see how our analysis is developing over time. Please note that this is a fairly new section. We will be adding more analysis as the markets unfold.

Inverse Head and Shoulders on CHFJPY 10-02-2012

This is the opportunity that I have been waiting patiently for over the past few months. Since the apparently successful Swiss National Bank (SNB) floor under EUR/CHF at 1.2000, and the repeated failure of the Bank of Japan (BoJ) to do anything about the strength of its own currency, one question has been itching me: what does the SNB have that the BoJ doesn't?

Inverse Head and Shoulders on CHFJPY 10-02-2012 continued ..

Inverse Head Shoulders on USDCAD 13-09-2011

As USD/CAD trades near parity, we are seeing an inverse head and shoulders pattern forming, indicating a possible reversal of the down-trend that began in March of 2009 that saw the Federal reserve print large amounts of dollars, many of which went into buying commodities and driving up commodity currencies such as CAD.

Inverse Head Shoulders on USDCAD 13-09-2011 continued ..

Time for EUR to Re-Visit Reality 08-04-2011

EUR has soared vs. most major currencies over the past several months despite the Eurozone having its share of problems: Several major member economies are struggling under a heavy debt load, without being able to control their own monetary policy to help them unload some of it. Interest rates are high as investors shun the sovereign debt of these nations. With the ECBs planned rate hike tomorrow (April 7, 2011) already pretty much a done deal, and investors pricing in almost 100 basis points by the end of 2011, this debt burden can only get worse - unless of course the European Central Bank doesn't follow through completely.

Time for EUR to Re-Visit Reality 08-04-2011 continued ..

JPY Intervention 18-03-2011

Several of the most powerful central banks in the world, including the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, and the Bank of Japan, have begun a co-ordinated intervention to weaken the rising Yen in the wake of the terrible natural disaster that struck Japan on March 11, 2011, and the possible pending danger of a nuclear catastrophe as a result of the quake and tsunami that took out the cooling systems in several nuclear reactors.

JPY Intervention 18-03-2011 continued ..

Time to Sell Yen 13-03-2011

More than a year after our inverse head and shoulders didn't materialize in USD/JPY, we may have finally seen the bottom in this pair. USD/JPY was already in a nascent uptrend when the 8.9 magnitude earthquake shook NE Japan and, along with a number of aftershocks and resultant tsunami, caused extensive damage to Japan, in terms of livesl lost, as well as in terms of real and potential economic output.

Time to Sell Yen 13-03-2011 continued ..

Maybe Time to Buy NZD 03-03-2011

Food price inflation may just be beginning. With governments around the world starting to meddle with the free market by threatening to impose price controls (we know how well that works), limiting exports, and the Fed printing dollars at a brisk pace, most likely to destabilize the developing world through inflation or force their currencies to appreciate, it would appear that it may be a good time to stock up on canned tuna. Or at least stock up on NZD.

Maybe Time to Buy NZD 03-03-2011 continued ..

GFT Hacked 11-02-2011

If you have an account with GFT Forex and you receive an email with regards to a withdrawal, please BEWARE, particularly if you haven't made a withdrawal.

GFT Hacked 11-02-2011 continued ..

Japan Intervenes in Currency Market 15-09-2010

Reports abound and the Japanese Finance Minister has confirmed that Japan did in fact intervene in the currency market today (15-09-2010) to weaken the Yen. USD/JPY traded at a low of 82.87 and quickly shot up by over 200 pips to 84.94 within a few hours. Several Japanese officials chimed in to support the action and to reaffirm the fact that further action will be taken should the markets see this as a JPY buying opportunity.

Japan Intervenes in Currency Market 15-09-2010 continued ..

CFTC New Margin Requirement Rules 03-09-2010

The CFTC's much debated new rule to increase margin requirements (decrease leverage) that registered FCMs are allowed to offer their clients is going into effect on October 18, 2010. Maximum leverage will now be 50:1 on majors and 20:1 on minors.

CFTC New Margin Requirement Rules 03-09-2010 continued ..

Germany Dominates Europe 08-05-2010

Germany, the most powerful economy in the EUR zone is enjoying the lower EUR while at the same time being able to dictate to other countries how to conduct their business. This was the whole point of the union, and it's working out just fine for those in power (i.e. Germany). Membership in the EU, or any other such union, is only beneficial to you if you are holding the reins. It is a form of colonization. This is not a new idea - just a new way of doing the same old thing.

Germany Dominates Europe 08-05-2010 continued ..

Goldman Sachs Sued by SEC 17-04-2010

Markets were shocked into action earlier today as the Securities and Exchange Commission is suing Goldman Sachs over failing to disclose, as well as misrepresenting key facts related to a subprime mortgage derivative, just as the market was teettering on collapse.

Goldman Sachs Sued by SEC 17-04-2010 continued ..

Chinese Credit Expansion 12-02-2010

As expected, new loans to consumers and businesses expanded at a much faster rate in January 2010 than in previous months (CNY1,390B vs. CNY380B in December 2009). With large consuming economies such as the US and Europe showing sluggish growth, and the near exponential rise in Chinese capacity over the past few years, credit expansion may be the last thing the Chinese economy needs - it will simply fuel further overcapacity.

Chinese Credit Expansion 12-02-2010 continued ..

EU to Bail Out Greece 10-02-2010

Global markets have experienced some resurgence so far this week, as evidence is mounting with regards to an EU bail out of Greece. This is of course great in the short term and terrible in the long term. It would seem that most "advanced" economies have completely given up the fight and have allowed themselves to drown in debt.

EU to Bail Out Greece 10-02-2010 continued ..

Unemployment Claims Disappoint 06-02-2010

The US economic recovery was called into serious question today as the number of Americans claiming unemployment benefits rose to 480,000 from a previous 472,000 (revised from 470,000) vs. a drop to 461,000 predicted by analysts. This does not appear to be in line with an economic recovery, although the market reaction was likely a little overdone.

Unemployment Claims Disappoint 06-02-2010 continued ..

Inverse Head and Shoulders in USDJPY 05-02-2010

Due to recent days' price action, USD/JPY seems to be in the process of completing an Inverse Head and Shoulders pattern, signalling a possible longer term reversal of the down trend.

Inverse Head and Shoulders in USDJPY 05-02-2010 continued ..


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Trading the forex entails a certain amount of risk. Any analysis found on this site is for information purposes only and should not be construed as trading advice.

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