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ZuluTrade Review

While ZuluTrade is not a typical automated trading system in that it does not itself generate any trading signals, it does produce the same effect - i.e. trades are executed automatically in your account. Let me explain: ZuluTrade is like a money manager market - it gives investors a chance to choose an active trader (or an automated system) to trade their account, without the investor and trader ever having to meet or contact each other. The ZuluTrade system works so that any trade that the chosen trader makes automatically gets mirrored in the investor's account.

The advantages of this system are very clear: you (the investor) get to choose exactly which trader or trading system you would like to follow, out of thousands of available choices. Each trader's detailed trading history and statistics are available, so you can get a very good idea about the trader's past performance beforehand. While past performance is certainly not indicative of future results, it does offer you a glimpse into the type of trading you can expect.

Besides being able to choose which trader/system you would like to trade your account, the ZuluTrade system offers a number of other advantages as compared to a traditional fund manager. First and foremost, you don't pay any fees. Whereas traditional fund managers skin you as much as they can, ZuluTrade traders are paid a commission out of the spread you would be paying anyway, so you don't pay anything out of your pocket. The second thing is, no one else has access to your funds or direct access to your account - everything is done through the ZuluTrade system.

ZuluTrade really is the next step in the evolution of automated trading, because it maximizes your potential without adding any cost.

If you like what you just read and would like to have a closer look, feel free to visit ZuluTrade.

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