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FX Club US is a well established and highly regulated (NFA/CFTC) forex dealer located on Wall St. in New York. It has a high level of capitalization that is well above the regulators' requirements. Traders can therefore be fairly certain that their funds are safe on deposit here, which is important for US-based brokers since they have a 2% margin requirement (max. 50:1 leverage*). This means that a large portion of your trading capital does have to be in the broker's account, so safety of funds is a particularly important issue.

Beyond the regulation and funds safety, FX Club US offers some excellent trading conditions - very low spreads, scalping, and guaranteed execution on pending orders is a combination that will tickle the fancy of many short term traders.

In terms of trading platforms, there is a large variety available, but really only ActTrader seems to be worthy of our money. If you're not sure about ActTrader, it is in some ways similar to, but better than MT4. It does pretty much everything that MT4 does, including automated systems, but it also has some features that MT4 doesn't have, such as complex order types (OCO, If/Then). On top of that, ActTrader accounts also get much tighter spreads and some would argue even better execution (although that is not confirmed).

The other platforms, in comparison to ActTrader, are clunky, unstable, complicated, and for some reason entail higher spreads. The exception is perhaps the ExpressFX platform, which does have the advantage of microlot trading, but also has limited functionality and higher spreads.

The currency pairs on offer are not highly impressive, but most traders who aren't looking for anything like SGD/PLN will be satisfied with the available pairs (see below for a full list).

In conclusion, if you are looking to invest a good amount of money, and are not looking to trade anything too exotic, then FX Club US is a very good choice for you, particularly if you value the safety of your funds (as you should) and are a short term trader. Smaller account holders are advised to look elsewhere so they can trade microlots in style.

* The high degree of leverage available in foreign exchange trading can work against you as well as for you. Investors should ensure they are fully aware of the benefits and risks before putting any money on the line.

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