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These days it seems like every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks he is an expert on how to make money in the currency markets, and is willing to share his expertise with you (for a price, of course). This naturally begs the question: if all these people are so good at making money in the forex, shouldn't they be trading instead of hawking their skills for $99? The age-old adage comes to mind: "Those who can't do, teach."

In all fairness however, even the most talented forex traders have to start somewhere. Even Einstein had a physics teacher at some point. So if you are just starting out in this exciting market, please do go ahead and educate yourself before risking your money - just don't expect to become a superstar trader simply because you took one forex trading course. Becoming a superstar requires talent, education and experience.

We have listed some courses here which we believe are good value for money, and will give any beginner a good foothold in the forex market.

This section contains links to external sites. The content of these sites is not under our control. While we try to ensure the quality of the information we link to, we can by no means guarantee its accuracy.

Trading Academy - Established in 1997 and still expanding, the Trading Academy has trained thousands of traders in one of the most advanced training environments in the industry. Current locations include the USA, Canada, UK, UAE and Singapore. Study at home courses also available.

Forex Mentor - Well known mentor Peter Bain specifically designed this course to train traders at home either through the hardcover or online version. Mr. Bain has been around for quite some time and his courses have gained a very good reputation for producing successful traders.

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