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Paul (Nj, US) says...
Excellent article, however it does not specify where the lost capital goes when using an ECN, we already know from the article that MM can earn their living from client losses, however we do not know the same for ECNs and STPs, also I love to know the deference between ECN/STP VS DMA. Finally is there an article talking about US Bank regulations and retail FX - we know that NFA regulates most FCMs but its unknown to thus far when it comes to CitiFX and previously DBFX which are not generally brokerage houses.
29th November 2012 3:17am
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Chris (Fort Worth, US) says...
Excellent article. I always stress money management and psychological discipline on my own site. Assessing your position sizing on a trade-by-trade basis is an important lesson to learn.

I also like that you are advocating demo trading. Demo trading is not just for learning how to place trades, but for learning how to become consistent before you risk your hard earned money.

5th September 2012 11:15pm
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